“Provoking Perspectives: Art as a Catalyst for Conversation”

Mpumalanga Legislature Chambers

Tuesday 27 June – Saturday 1 July

Walkabouts daily – 10:00 and 14:30

 Provoking Perspectives is an exhibition deliberately designed as a provocative catalyst to stimulate conversations and debate about the value of ecstatic or perhaps aesthetic experiences in art. This collection of art works, spanning from 1963 to 2023, is curated by John-Anthony Boerma and facilitated by Art Aid (Pty) Ltd. The collection features works from known and unknown artists from all over South Africa, focussing on Mpumalanga, casting a wide net to ensure inclusivity and representation. The goal of this exhibition is not only to showcase the diversity of art styles and approaches from the Mpumalanga Province and its South African diaspora, but also to explore new approaches to art both in process and product, and to give appropriate expression to the aspirations of a rapidly transforming society. We hope that this collection will spark meaningful dialogue and engagement with contemporary art in South Africa.

Call Sandra on 082 853 7885 for enquiries.



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