Innibos Liefde

16 Jaar gelukkig getroud!

Ons Valentynsdag- wenners het mekaar al in 2007 by Innibos ontmoet.

In 2007, Smokie was the main performer at Innibos. I visited Innibos every day during the week. On Saturday, my folks came from Phalaborwa, and my mom had a sprained ankle, so she was wheelchair-bound.

Time caught up with us, and there was almost no space on the main field to watch the show. We made our way around to the back of the stage and found a very uncomfortable seat against the slopes behind the main stage. There we met up with a lady that I worked with and her friend’s family from Gauteng.

Believe it or not, with them was my now-wife and mother to my two sons. We started with awkward greetings that soon turned into casual chatting. That didn’t last long. We continued talking throughout the whole Smokie performance. The police, mounted on horseback, had to repeatedly ask us to focus on the show. It was time to leave. I pushed my mom in the wheelchair one way, and my now-wife went the other way. A second chance came at the gate where we waited for the car, and there she was again. Stupid old me didn’t even ask for her number.

We parted ways. Got home and started begging my colleague and her friends for the number. Mixit was the in-thing at the time. Shared a goodnight message and went off to sleep. The next morning, and a few cups of encouragement later, I made the call. When asked what she was planning, she said she would be having coffee with me. Now, from here on, it’s history.

We got married the next March. This will be 16 years this year that we are married now.

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